Top 5 products that can whiten your teeth

There are a lot of types of products on the market that can make our teeth a little bit whiter, but you should know that these things don’t make wonders. So make sure that you stay realistic about this. This article will talk about the types and some brands of these products that can help you with your teeth.


Probably the most convenient way is to buy a pen that whitens your teeth. This pen is very practical because you can put it in a purse or you can keep it in your pocket. It is a good product for an instant whitening effect. These pens use oxygen among other chemicals and are said to be safe for use.


There are all sorts of liquid whitening products on the market. They are not very expensive or should we say; they are at the very lowest cost there is. You could buy them in almost all stores, pharmacies and beauty stores. They are very effective but don’t expect instant results like with the pen. They are usually used to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.


You are now able to purchase teeth whitening strips in almost every pharmacy and store. They are the least expensive and probably the easiest method of whitening your teeth and the is a wide array of brands, flavors and formulations including mint, bubble gum and of course the latest fad: coconut and charcoal strips. One thing you should know that their usage is a little bit annoying. You can’t walk outside with them, or you can’t normally talk with them on during the treatment. That is the price when using them.

Sprays in a bottle

These sprays have the same effect as the liquid products that you buy for your teeth. The effect is the same so is the gene

ral usage and the percentage of usage. As the liquid products, you should use them once in a week, and you should always look into the manual and follow it.

Creams for teeth

These creams can have the same effect as toothpaste but with a kick. These products are considered good, and they can do wonders for your teeth and gums.